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Hi there! My name is Geneva, I'm 18 years old and I live in Newfoundland , Canada. I love supernatural, Dean is my favourite! I reblog a lot of supernatural, some one tree hill, funny things and random stuff! I also love Lana del Rey ! I play Xbox and have kik and snapchat! I'm also obsessed with America! Feel free to ask me anything and enjoy my blog! Xoxo

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That’s me right there, Channing Tatum !! Lol

That’s me right there, Channing Tatum !! Lol

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1. Last beverage = Orange Capri Sun
2. Last phone call = It was to my mother I think
3. Last text message = Sent “It’s next week x” Received "Thanks x"
4. Last song you listened to = Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods
5. Last time you cried = Like, 3 days ago or…

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